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If you're an avid golfer, or you're enthralled when you simply watch a golf game, buying a house near an upscale golf course is an excellent idea and worthwhile investment. It solves the issues of finding a course to play on, and someone does the day to day landscaping of what's guaranteed to be a great view for you. In addition to fantastic views, luxury villas and houses near golf courses also benefit from great views of wildlife, including deer, ducks and geese. Luxury villas, houses and apartments near golf courses can often be bought off plan to ensure you get the ideal piece of real estate for you. When buying off plan it's always advisable to check both immediate and potential plans for the course, as well as checking how the same planning company built other courses and real estate to fit around them. If the course is already built, head to the clubhouse and check out the facilities, the people and the green itself, so you know exactly where the busier spots are to facilitate the decision of whether to buy near the first tee, or further around the course.


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