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Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada in California, is a year round luxury real estate destination. In winter it boasts premium, world class ski resorts, and come summer, there's lake and outdoor based activities, including boating, fine dining, mountain biking and tennis. Apline Meadows, on Lake Tahoe's North Shore, offers luxury homes which benefit from the beautiful view of the North Shore. There's fantastic skiing here in winter, and in summer, mountain trails give way to mountain biking and outdoor activities. Buying real estate here represents a true investment in a house for all seasons. Truckee, the gateway to the North Shore offers a luxurious mountain village experience with designer villas and lodges to relax in after skiing, fine dining options and a celebrity clientele. North Star, Lake Tahoe's premier ski resort, has luxury properties to buy, rent or invest in, and is ideal for the winter ski season when snowboarding, and cross country skiing are popular activities here. The homes in North Star reflect the clientele of the ski resorts, with luxury fittings and design fixtures. West Shore has mountain inspired luxury lodges and villas and numerous fine dining options and entertainment choices.


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