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ABN AMRO Private Banking: Life moves in good company

ABN AMRO Private Banking, Prestige MLS Affiliate, guides you to plan the essentials of owning a home abroad.

ABN AMRO Private Banking provides you with the professional advice and expertise you need when moving abroad or buying a second home, including a local network of experts with knowledge of real estate, clear guidance and support for your local legal and tax obligations, optimum financing and insurance solutions.

Our strength is that we have a large global network and possess local knowledge.

Our specialists of International Estate Planning help you to address the implications of moving abroad. This includes tax implications of foreign residential ownership or a second home, structuring your residence purchase to meet your succession wishes, and a tailor-made solution according to your personal situation.

« Our strength is that we have a large global network and possess local knowledge. ABN AMRO Private Banking is available across the world including dedicated teams in France and Spain, known as World Citizen Services. We offer a large network of local experts with on-the-ground know-how, unique property opportunities that match your requirements and advise you in English, Dutch or in the local language », explains Cédric Tassier, (Private Banker – ABN AMRO World Citizen Services France).

Abn Amro Private Banking Valbonne

Our experts in cooperation with your tax advisor can assure you avoid unnecessary pitfalls such as double residential taxation. So your estate is optimally structured and your move remains a positive experience.

To give you an example on how ABN AMRO’s services can make your life easier:

We have just completed a deal with one of our recently acquired clients, a wealthy Belgian entrepreneur, who owns a secondary home on the French Riviera, which he wishes to pass onto his sons.

Consequently, as a part of the succession planning the father sold the property to a French SCI, owned by his sons. As the arm’s length rule is required, the real estate price was determined through an independent valuation report of the property.

The family of the client is dispersed throughout the world; he thus desired a renowned bank with global presence. As a result the client requested a loan from ABN AMRO in order to structure the French wealth and inheritance tax. Through ABN AMRO’s international network and offices, we were able to successfully serve the demands of our client. Enabling the Belgian entrepreneur to maintain the collateral, his investment portfolio, in Asia whilst enabling the French SCI to obtain a loan through Luxembourg.

Following to this successful deal, the client is booking his family wealth under ABN AMRO’s accounts.

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