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Address : 92 Boulevard de Cimiez
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Jean-Laurent is a pioneer in the development of MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in France and Europe. Self-made and independent entrepreneur, his domains of expertise cover both the various aspects of real estate industry and the NTIC. With this dual expertise, he founded several companies or organizations: > Cimiez Boulevard Real Estate in 1993, which quickly became the leader on the residential market of Cimiez in Nice. > MLS Côte d'Azur in 2001, which is today the most important local MLS organization in France. > Imminence in 2001, which quickly became a European leader in the development of MLS solutions. > Prestige MLS in 2008, which is the first European LuXury Real Estate Business Club. Today, Jean-Laurent is focused on: > To make Cimiez Boulevard take a new step in the digitization of real estate transaction activity > To make MLS Côte d'Azur take a new step in the organization and regulation of collaboration between its 2000 real estate agents > Advising several major real estate players in digital collaboration best practices
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HOTSPOT de luxe : Nice carré d'Or Nice Mont Boron - Le Port Nice Cimiez & Hillside Cap Bénat Villefranche-sur-Mer Beaulieu-sur-Mer Cap Ferrat Roquebrune - Cap Martin Monaco Eze - Cap d'Ail

Luxury Real Estate in Nice, Cimiez - French Riviera

Since the XIXth century, Cimiez has been the favourite destination resort of Kings and Queens. Back in those days the Queen Victoria could admire Cimiez and its palaces, all the way to the “Baie des Anges” from her apartment
at the “Regina Palace Hotel” located on the hill overlooking Cimiez. Nowadays Cimiez remains the most exclusive and pleasant residential area of the French Riviera.

Cimiez Boulevard is one of the most reputable real estate agencies of the French Riviera, well known for its professionalism and knowledge of the local real estate market. Whether you’re a seller, buyer, investor or tenant, the entire team at Cimiez Boulevard will guarantee you the best services:
• A presence in the heart of Cimiez for over twenty years
• A team of experienced professionals
• A fully personalized customer approach
• Best internet ranked website:
• The best local and international visibility

Living in Cimiez is a privilege, Cimiez Boulevard is the architect of this privilege.

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Jean-Laurent Lepeu
Address : 92 Boulevard de Cimiez
Skype: jlepeu
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