Emanuela Cossutti Cavalieri Ducati

Designer at Ducati Case S.r.l.

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Address : 24 Viale Vittorio Veneto
Emanuela Cossutti, after a long working experience as a designer at a major architecture firm in Milan, supports Sebastiano Cavalieri Ducati in elaborating dynamic communication strategies such as event planning and management, development of the creative advertising area, web solutions and graphics study: a blend of constantly evolving elements to ensure the maximum competitiveness and visibility for Ducati Case.
About Ducati Case S.r.l.
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Combining professionalism and experience with harmony, skill and creativity – a family recipe for success – Ducati Case has become one of the more renowned property consultants on the Milanese and Italian real estate landscape.

Ducati Case is not just a real estate company; our dedicated team of highly qualified brokerage professionals works collaboratively with clients to devise customized solutions for the purchase and sale of real estate properties.

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Emanuela Cossutti Cavalieri Ducati
Address : 24 Viale Vittorio Veneto
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