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BE-00261-26634 | Listed by value-added

Splendid house in the neighbourhood of Brussel. 650 sqm livable with dependance. Land 3800sqm.

Indoor pool, 6 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 3 showers, and so on...

Extra: all the furniture in the house is available on the sale.

For further, and detailed, informations please call +32 2 387 48 78 

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Bierges | Villa
$1,678,485 USD
650 m2
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Value-Added is a family business, close to its clients, offering a level of service of unique quality whose notoriety is recognize since 1993. The team is passionate, dedicated and devoted to find the property of your dreams. Our office is based in Brussel’s area, center of Europe.

Our commitment to our clients is simple: offering the best through our services.

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Yves Henri Mahieu
Address : 58 Rue Hattain
Skype: y.mahieu
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