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Nathalie CLEMENT

Owner/Manager at Via Capitale du Mont-Royal

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CA-00214-30649 | Listed by via-capitale-du-mont-royal

On the beautiful Cherrier Street close by the Lafontaine Park, this very nice semi-commercial duplex (ground floor occupied by office) was renovated though the years by the owner. The upstairs being like a townhouse offering 2100 sq.ft on three levels.  3 bedrooms, ceilings of 10 feet high, skylight and a very private terrace.  Included is a garage. Ready to move in.

The ground floor is commercial but no taxes TPS and TVQ are applicable (see realtor)

The ground floor off...

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Canada | Montréal |
$1,113,463 USD
278 m2
About Via Capitale du Mont-Royal
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For the past 20 years at the heart of real estate, Via Capitale du Mont-Royal has managed to build a team that truly sets itself apart. Created by a small team at the outset, our agency has taken the decision not to grow without a careful search for its new partners. It was important for us to always keep in mind the human dimension that makes us who we are. Never make the mistake of forgetting who must be the main concern of a broker: the client. Our clients are kings and we are their happy jesters.

Year after year, our small group has grown, augmented by people who share our philosophy and values: honesty, integrity, social conscience, professionalism as well as respect for self and others. A matter of dedication and know-how, the client is our top priority. That is the key to our success. Other brokers, as determined and high-performing, who share our vision keep joining our agency. Together we have a wild dream, a single motivation: forever change the image of real estate brokers.

We are more than a simple matter of commission: we are a matter of dedication and know-how. Real estate brokerage… That’s our profession!

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Nathalie CLEMENT
Address : 1152 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
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