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$49,900,000 USD
A regal compound, just moments through t
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A regal compound, just moments through the prized Bel Air east gate, this is a residence of sophisti

A regal compound, just moments through the prized Bel Air east gate, this is a residence of sophistication and incomparable opulence. Concealed behind private gates on a rare flat acre parcel, it is a world apart - where every comfort and luxury has been accounted for and no expense has been spared. From the vaulted entry, with its high windows and sweeping staircase, to the lavish wine cellar, this is truly a resort oasis providing the perfect environment for lavish entertainment and exceedingly gracious living. On the lower level the majesty of this home reveals itself, opening to the approx. 20,000 square foot entertainment space that includes a resplendent indoor full resort spa and pool, with massage room, sauna and steam bath, game rooms, bowling alley, expansive cinema, full bar, basketball and racquetball court, as well as gracious guest living quarters. The gorgeous grounds include an in-ground swimming pool, attached spa, outdoor kitchen, and dining area. Truly majestic.
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Aaron Kirman
Pacific Union International
License #01296524
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Listed 05/01/2018
Price $49,900,000 USD
Property type New Property
Surface 36000 m2
Land surface 47984 m2
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Bel Air
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Bel Air is a very residential neighborhood of Los Angeles where the weather is good most of the year. The neighborhood owes its identity and reputation to the houses that make it up. Under their modest appearance on the roadside, they offer and feature very large spaces. Far from the eyes, the neighborhood offers natural wonders and architectural splendors featuring some of the magnificent and impregnable views of the Los Angeles and Santa Catalina islands. Acquiring a property is not easy as demand is high and prices rarely trade below $ 20 million.

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