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$5,495,000 USD
Country Home For Sale In Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles
For Sale
Country Home

Elegant,Streamlined,Unique Modern home located in the prestigious RidgeView Country Estate on a Cul-de-sac behind 24-hour Guard gate. Designed by the noted Architect P.K. Thistle, AIA. 1st floor features living room w/ some Ocean Views, formal dining

Elegant,Streamlined,Unique Modern home located in the prestigious RidgeView Country Estate on a Cul-de-sac behind 24-hour Guard gate. Designed by the noted Architect P.K. Thistle, AIA. 1st floor features living room w/ some Ocean Views, formal dining, guest bedroom w/ en-suite bathroom. Kitchen opens to family room that leads to private backyard w/custom Salt Water Anthony's pool w/Waterfall.2nd floor has master suite w/ marble fireplace, study room & some Ocean Views + 2 additional bedrooms with en-suite bathroom. Lower level includes a magnificent suite w/full bathroom that could be used as theatre room/playroom for family w/kids/or 5th Bedroom. All 6 bathrooms built w/Italian Marble from floor to ceiling. This Custom-Built Home boasting some ocean views, Lots of natural light from every room,High ceiling, Italian Marble, Solid Maple floor, Finest material used throughout w/lots of details. Maintain to perfection and appears as NEW. Minutes away from beach & Caruso Palisades Village.
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Angel Akhavan
Rodeo Realty
License #1941257
Main features
Listed 12/14/2018
Price $5,495,000 USD
Property type Country Home
Surface 5300 sq
Land surface 20708 sq
Year of Built 1991
Bathrooms 6
Bedrooms 4
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Pacific Palisades
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Pacific Palisades is a suburban neighborhood on the Pacific Ocean with magnificent luxury properties. This peace and quiet place is surrounded by many hiking trails in Palisades Park, with gorgeous cliffs. The city offers first-class shops and art museums and benefits from a posh atmosphere that makes it the municipality where it is good to live.

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Rodeo Realty was founded in 1986 and has emerged as one of the most transcendent forces in luxury residential real estate. Helmed by its pragmatic Founder, Syd Leibovitch, Rodeo Realty has established itself as one of largest independent real estate brokerages in the nation. Rodeo Realty continues to dominate the California market as the number one Los Angeles and Ventura county single-owned brokerage with the largest market share.

Rodeo Realty was founded with a specific purpose in mind: to create a real estate firm with all the resources available to the largest companies combined with the boutique feel of the neighborhood REALTOR. With over 1,000 Agents and Brokers working state of the art offices strategically located in prime locations throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Rodeo Realty is a full-service, luxury residential brokerage. Our vast range of upscale services are all offered in-house to assist in the ease of your transaction, which include; internet marketing, graphic design, agent branding, custom print shop and mailing, public relations, international marketing program and advertising departments, all available to achieve maximum exposure for your property.

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