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$4,995,000 USD
Stunning house for sale in San Marino
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Poised on one of San Marino’s most elite streets, this dramatic Italian Period Revival offers an exceptional sense of seclusion and tranquility. The expansive grounds possess classical fountains, patio niches, meandering paths and lush greenery that are transformative, providing a romantic European setting. The public rooms are architecturally impressive showcasing exquisite coffered wood beamed ceilings, numerous French doors and beautiful period appointments. The cook’s kitchen is adjacent to a beautiful family room highlighted by a wall of exquisite built in bookshelves, loads of natural light and numerous French doors accessing the stunning patio and rear yard. This estate offers an ideal setting for entertaining and al fresco dining. There is an impressive outdoor fireplace and built-in barbecue area. The alluring swimming pool and spa enjoy an exhilarating rock waterfall. The estate features 2 en-suite bedrooms plus two additional bedrooms upstairs. Currently one of the bedrooms is being used as a home office with custom built-in cabinetry.

Listed by
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Mark A. McLaughlin
Pacific Union International
License #01196606
Main features
Listed 05/01/2018
Price $4,995,000 USD
Property type Villa
Surface 4340 m2
Land surface 25386 m2
Bathrooms 5
Bedrooms 4
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San Marino
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San Marino is a town located in the hills of San Raphael. It takes its name from the former San Marino Republic in Italy.
The Coat of Arms of the city is also inspired by the old Italian Republic, on which there are three towers. The monarchical crown initially present was replaced by five stars supposedly represented the five founding members of the city. They have built magnificent properties including exceptional gardens and wide, perfectly maintained street.

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