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$1,008,000 USD
beautiful house for sale in Silver Lake
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Sweet Mid-Century tree house, with views that will make your heart soar. The Silver Lake Reservoir, Hollywood sign and the Observatory through the picture windows, never gets old. This laid-back home, with it’s Topanga Canyon feel, has been host to many twilight dinner parties on the ample deck. It’s easy-breezy indoor-outdoor flow and conversation-nooks were made for enchanted affairs, filled with delicious delights whipped up on the 6-burner Wolf range...replete with star gazing and campfires in the beautiful backyard. Though solid, there are some projects left for its new owner, mostly cosmetic. It’s the perfect starter for someone who wants to get into Silver Lake and not afraid to roll up their sleeves to do some work, or...a dream home built in its place...that’s up to you. Down the staircase, a bonus bed and bath, with storage.

Listed by
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Mark A. McLaughlin
Pacific Union International
License #01196606
Main features
Listed 05/01/2018
Price $1,008,000 USD
Property type Villa
Surface 1202 m2
Land surface 3982 m2
Bathrooms 1
Bedrooms 2
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Silver Lake
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Silver lake is both a residential and commercial area in downtown Los Angeles. His name, "Silver Lake" came from Herman Silver, who helped create the Silver Lake Reservoir in the neighbourhood at the beginning of the 20th century. The region is renowned today for its gastronomy and bourgeois decoration. Many celebrity have built their houses there, to enjoy its unique atmosphere. In the year 1930, Walt disney even built his first Big Studio.

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