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$1,995,000 USD
Country Home For Sale
For Sale
Country Home

Located in the sought-after Lake Hollywood Estates, this elegant entertainer's home offers an abundance of features, amenities and technology to make you feel you like you're living in a vacation home. Fabulous views of the Hollywood Sign, mountains,

Located in the sought-after Lake Hollywood Estates, this elegant entertainer's home offers an abundance of features, amenities and technology to make you feel you like you're living in a vacation home. Fabulous views of the Hollywood Sign, mountains, trees and even a peak-a-boo view of the Lake! A solar-heated custom pool, spa and large backyard with privacy for intimate sunsets or huge parties. The home is spacious with two beautiful "master-size" bedrooms, great closet space & storage, two additional bedrooms, and a bonus room that can be used as an office, gym, nursery, or 5th bedroom. The family room opens to a large kitchen with beautiful granite counters, brand-name appliances, large center island with wrap-around bar. Views are enjoyed from virtually every room in the house! Technology includes, solar-heated home, pool, spa, programmable pool equip, total Wi-Fi system, emergency backup generator & Sonos speaker system. Retractable awnings, auto-steel shutters, firepit and more!
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Tom Otero
Rodeo Realty
License #1153440
Main features
Listed 09/12/2018
Price $1,995,000 USD
Property type Country Home
Surface 2686 sq
Land surface 12900 sq
Year of Built 1965
Bathrooms 4
Bedrooms 4
Garages 2
Parking 2
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Rodeo Realty was founded in 1986 and has emerged as one of the most transcendent forces in luxury residential real estate. Helmed by its pragmatic Founder, Syd Leibovitch, Rodeo Realty has established itself as one of largest independent real estate brokerages in the nation. Rodeo Realty continues to dominate the California market as the number one Los Angeles and Ventura county single-owned brokerage with the largest market share.

Rodeo Realty was founded with a specific purpose in mind: to create a real estate firm with all the resources available to the largest companies combined with the boutique feel of the neighborhood REALTOR. With over 1,000 Agents and Brokers working state of the art offices strategically located in prime locations throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Rodeo Realty is a full-service, luxury residential brokerage. Our vast range of upscale services are all offered in-house to assist in the ease of your transaction, which include; internet marketing, graphic design, agent branding, custom print shop and mailing, public relations, international marketing program and advertising departments, all available to achieve maximum exposure for your property.

Our Estate Agents are experts in marketing luxury properties and have tremendous networking capabilities to deliver the best results. We represent our clients across the world and individually tailor our global marketing campaigns and strategies for buyers, sellers and developers worldwide. As a premier luxury real estate company for over twenty five years, Rodeo Realty will continue to redefine real estate service.