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$1,795,000 USD
Exquisite property for sale in Sunset Strip
For Sale

Located along The Hollywood Hills Celebrity Row sits a, private & secluded, rare offering. Completely remodeled in the last five years ie. new copper, electrical, etc. down to the bones. This fantastic gated Spanish home offers the tranquility your client has been looking for. Recently converted to sewer, upgraded and well kept. Large (2) two car garage with the ability to park (2) two cars comfortable in the the brick driveway. Open Chef's kitchen. Chef's kitchen includes Thermador steam oven, double convection oven, microwave convection, Range top stove, Warming drawer, spice drawer, Lazy Susan, Pull out pantry. All Bedrooms are ensuite. The outdoor patio space provides spectacular ambiance for al fresco dining and entertaining. Also, outside patio area has hookups for gas, electric and water. The there's a 253 sq. ft. guest in-law suite, so your mother in-law is at a reasonable distance during her stay. Indoor spa, fireplace and much more!! New roof recently installed

Listed by
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Mark A. McLaughlin
Pacific Union International
License #01196606
Main features
Listed 05/01/2018
Price $1,795,000 USD
Property type Villa
Surface 3206 m2
Land surface 6677 m2
Bathrooms 4
Bedrooms 3
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Studio City
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Studio City is a small universal town, located in the San Fernando Valley and described as "forever cool" thanks to its safety and its wealthy environment. The entertainment industry elite settled over there after that the film producer, Mack Sennett, established his CBS Studio Center in 1927. It became a trendy city with a dynamic nightlife.

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