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$3,399,000 USD
Luxurious property for sale in Hollywood Hills
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When renowned developer Charles E. Toberman set out to build on Malaga Road, a cul-de-sac in his luxury hillside subdivision above the heart of Old Hollywood, he could choose any lot he wanted. Naturally, he chose the very best. Today, the southwest-facing residence still commands astonishing, unobstructed views of the LA basin, the ocean, Long Beach and Catalina from every room … along with jaw-dropping vistas from the wraparound deck and its dining pergola.

Listed by
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Mark A. McLaughlin
Pacific Union International
License #01196606
Main features
Listed 05/01/2018
Price $3,399,000 USD
Property type Villa
Surface 3904 m2
Land surface 10808 m2
Bathrooms 4
Bedrooms 3
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Hollywood is by the way the luxury district.. The biggest studios were born here and the district became in some years the place of residence of the biggest movie stars. Even through the studios have mostly disappeared, Hollywood has remained one of the most residential destination in the world.

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