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$5,199,000 USD
Villa For Sale In Studio City, Los Angeles
For Sale

Historic legacy estate in prime Fryman Estates of Briarcliff Manor, a growing celebrity magnet. Designed by Los Angeles architect, Arthur C. Munson, Winter Brook is perched atop a wooded knoll that boasts spectacular mountain and canyon views, located near the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. A secluded, gated drive leads to a 15-car motor court. The Country English style manor offers charming details, from exposed ceiling beams and diamond-paned windows, to peg & groove floors and French doors. Lift a pint at your own pub in the split-level entertainment area. Begin the day in the cheerful breakfast room with 8-paned windows and garden views. At day's end, cozy up by the fire in the romantic master suite's sitting area. Mature trees and lush grounds surround a clover-shaped pool and spa set amid brick patios. Enjoy the championship-sized lighted tennis court. Near top schools, restaurants, shops and major studios.

Listed by
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Mark A. McLaughlin
Pacific Union International
License #01196606
Main features
Listed 05/01/2018
Price $5,199,000 USD
Property type Villa
Surface 4604 m2
Land surface 42250 m2
Bathrooms 5
Bedrooms 4
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Studio City
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Studio City is a small universal town, located in the San Fernando Valley and described as "forever cool" thanks to its safety and its wealthy environment. The entertainment industry elite settled over there after that the film producer, Mack Sennett, established his CBS Studio Center in 1927. It became a trendy city with a dynamic nightlife.

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