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4,500,000 € USD
Beautiful Penthouse in the Heart of the Campo Marzio
For Sale

ROME, Vicolo del Divino Amore. In the heart of the historic center of Rome, in the Campo Marzio district, prestigious penthouse, on two levels, of about 400.00 sqm, with a beautiful terrace of about 20.00 sqm and five balconies.

ROME, Vicolo del Divino Amore. In the heart of the historic center of Rome, in the Campo Marzio district, prestigious attic of about 400.00 sqm, on two floors, with a beautiful terrace of about 20.00 sqm.
The apartment consists of a double living room with fireplace, a dining room, a fitted kitchen and a sleeping area with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 5 balconies; Through a staircase, illuminated by a large skylight, is accessed to the upper floor, consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a walk-in closet, a veranda and a terrace.
The property, in perfect condition and finishing in finishes, includes a cellar of about 15.00 square meters.

General characteristics:
Category: Residential
Typology: Penthouse
Floor: 3 and 4
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 5
Covered surface: 400.00 sqm
Uncovered surface: 42.00 sqm
Elevator: Yes
Autonomous heating
Terrace: 20 sqm
5 Balconies: 22 square meters
Cellar: 15 square meters

Listed by
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Immobili di Prestigio Spa
License #CCIAA di Roma al n. 6651 - RI/REA Ex DM 26/10/2011 SCIA n. PRA/301039/2013/CRMAUTO
Main features
Listed 10/18/2018
Price 4,500,000 € USD
Property type Penthouse
Surface 400 m2
Terrace surface 45 m2
Rooms 8
Bathrooms 5
Bedrooms 6
Balcony 5
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Historical center
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The historical center of Rome is an area full of history. Despite its small size, it concentrates many architectural and heritage treasures accumulated after centuries and centuries of history. In the historic center, there are monuments of antiquity, such as the forums or the mausoleum of Augustus, the columns of Trajan and Marc-Aurèle, the Pantheon, and much more. The historic center of Rome has always been associated with the history of mankind as Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire pending for many centuries and became the spiritual capital of the Christian world. The discovery of the historical center of Rome is a true invitation to travel in time.

About Immobili di Prestigio Spa
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The Progest Group was founded as a consulting and property dealing company in 1982. A well-characterized structure from the professional point of view, both for the quality and quantity of services provided by the best operators in the sector, for nearly twenty years.

The Group has maintained, over the years, its vocation as supplier of quality services, inside and outside its own network, with the aim of creating a "sole reference point" for users in a market where trust, ethics and rapidity are key elements in a choice of partnership, in simple or complex operations.

In 1996, the Progest Group established a Prestigious Properties-Consulting Center, a highly specialized structure dealing in medium/top-level residential and business properties. Thus, the real network of the future was created: Qualified Estate Agents - contributing with their individual ideas and working experience obtained within the same "quality" project, form the first "integrated professional consulting body", able to meet all requirements inherent to property management. Prestigious Properties - Consulting Center in fact, with its operating offices, all of wich constitute real, all-round specialized consulting centers, wisely combines internal synergies with the experience of professional staff capable of satisfying every necessity, direct or inductive, in the logic of a global system in which the resources, competence and professionality of consultants, non only in the field of property, but also for fiscal, tax, commercial, administrative, financial, technical, legal, logistics aspects etc., are offered to the client.

Industrial and Commercial Division: Business Properties is a specific division of Prestigious Properties, in which context only the commercial, industrial and management properties of large dimensions are handled (minimum surface: 1.000 sq. m.) This division also provides advice and continual monitoring on the market, besides the following services: . Evaluations for property sales . Co-ordination of customer needs . Co-ordination of builders and administration . Co-ordination of consultants . Feasibility studies . Project management . Monitoring procedure . Planning/programming . Approximate cost estimation . Management engineering Credentials and Associations: The Prestigious Property SPA is accredited at the Property Exchange of Rome - special company of the Rome Chamber of Commerce - a public body guaranteeing the transparency which allows buying, selling, leasing and evaluations on the entire home market.

Since 1985, the Prestigious Property SPA is associated with and an active part of the control and managerial staff of FIMAA-ROMA, the oldest national federation which for more than forty years has been actively occupied with the control, the quality of services and observation of the ethical rules which govern the professional activity of estate agents.

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