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Global Architectural Collection of the finest real estate 'Villa Seaside village Reževići' is locate

Global Architectural Collection of the finest real estate 'Villa Seaside village Reževići' is located in the municipality of Budva, and it is a prime example of the Montenegrin identity: untouched nature, the Adriatic Sea, historical monuments and shrines – it’s all we love the Balkans for. Old-timers say that it started in a long time ago when three brothers were so impressed by the beauty of this place that decided to stay here forever. One of them went on, and the others have divided the territory into two parts, and the Režević River has become the natural border and has given the name to the whole region itself. It’s not hard to understand what exactly inspired brothers to stay here – all you need is just a couple of hours on local trails. The air with notes of pine in it is so rich and viscous that becomes spoonable. No wonder that this place is well-known since ancient times for its healing features, and rich citizens of the Roman Empire have often visited it to improve their health. Nature of Reževići breathes with freedom, and age-old olives only emphasize its virginity. The proximity of one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of Montenegro – Dronbi Pjesak – makes this unique place even more attractive. It almost has not changed at all over the past few decades, except modern amenities, of course, and who knows maybe the first settlers were relaxing here on the same fabulous white pebble. When you look at the map of Montenegro, it seems that urbanization deliberately left this piece of coast untouched – a village is located in the vicinity of Sveti Stefan (4km), Petrovac (5km) and Budva (12km), but it does not feel the effects of the tourists’ invasion and does not know the problems with traffic jams, which are inevitable in big cities.That is why the creators of Villa Solar have chosen Reževići – in addition to well-developed infrastructure, historical sites and natural delights, it has such a prominent factor as calmness and great chance to relax without thinking about anyone else. Swimming pool water treatments fans will also feel comfortable at any time of the year because there’s a beautiful swimming pool 80 cubic meters capacity in Villa Solar. Its pavilion is equipped with sliding mechanism, thermal station Colorex PPT45BLY and system of water filtration and disinfection.The pool is constructed in accordance with the highest international standards of quality and has a rich functionality, which may satisfy the most refined taste.It should be noted that the insulation works played a major role in Villa Solar project and were strictly controlled. Only high-quality German and Austrian materials were used – this applies to both the main building and utility rooms. It should be mentioned separately, that all the basement rooms are equipped with the ventilation system and air dehumidifiers (Dantherm company, Denmark). Considering the seismic activity in the region, the foundation and the very design of the house have been constructed taking into account the seismicity up to 8 points. The same applies to the pool and other structures. Now, let us say few words about security. Despite the low crime rate in Montenegro, Villa Solar inhabitants will feel even more comfortable knowing that their peace is not threatened. To complement your better comfort, more than 100 high-quality street lighting lamps made of stainless steel have been designed and installed throughout the territory of Villa Solar. Each zone can be operated separately, and most of them are equipped with motion and illumination sensors.
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Eva Fairchild
Pacific Union International
License #01926513
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Listed 05/01/2018
Price $4,688,000 USD
Property type New Property
Surface 5005 m2
Land surface 81095 m2
Bathrooms 5
Bedrooms 4
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