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$117 367 USD
Rp1 687 563 588
à vendre à Sanur, Bali
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Apartment of 60 m2, located in a luxurious residence.

Only 300 meters from the beach, you can still enjoy all the amenities, since the apartment is located in the city center. Moreover, this one stays in a small haven of peace, in a calm and natural environment.

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Patrick MONTI
Osiris Investissements
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Inscrit 10/29/2018
Prix $117 367 USD
Type de propriété Autre
Surface 50 m2
Parking 1
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Sanur is a quiet village situated on the southeastern coast which offers a nice balance between local life and tourist attractions. Sanur stretches for 5 kilometers along an east-facing coastline, with a lush and green landscape. This popular place offers clear waters and golden sandy beaches as well as pleasant waterfront walks. This is an ideal place for families as the area is protected by a reef and breakwaters. Its small market is filled with crafts, clothing, local food and authentic products. Sanur provides a large range of world-class hotels and numerous aquatic activities.

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