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Benahavis - Costa Del Sol

Benahavis is a mountainous village on the Costa Del Sol. Located between Monte Matrona and the Serradia de Ronda, it bears witness to Andalusian history with its atypical architecture, small alleys and white houses.

Located only 7 km from the coast, it is an ideal place to be away from the noise of the city centre.

It is in this region that the residential district of La Zagaleta is located.

Aperçu du marché

The luxury property market on the Costa Del Sol is constantly evolving. This significantly supports the local economy and also allows the development of new jobs. Even if the market has been impacted by the political instability of the country, it has managed to rebound thanks to the GDP growth of the inhabitants, the decrease in unemployment, but also thanks to favorable interest rates for investments.

The Costa Del Sol is therefore at the beginning of a promising renewal.

Qui sont les acheteurs ?

Andalusia, and more particularly the Costa Del Sol region, attracts many foreign investors. Among them, the United Kingdom is in first position (26%), followed in second position by Sweden (11%) and Belgium (8%).
It is therefore mostly investors from Europe who appreciate this region.

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Costa Del Sol
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Costa Del Sol stretches along the Andalusian coast for more than 300km. It is a classic tourist destination, and especially a place well known to holidaymakers, come to find sun and beaches. Located in the south of Spain, the Costa Del Sol enjoys incredible sunshine, with over 320 days of sun per year and is renowned for its mild winter climate.

The Costa Del Sol also has its history, which can be traced through its architectural wonders, the great avenues and houses of the old town, dominated by the steeples and the two towers of the Renaissance cathedral, the Alcanzaba.

Gastronomy, fine sandy beaches, breathtaking natural landscapes, are ...

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