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Lausanne is the second biggest city situated on the shores of Lake Léman. The location of Lausanne is very atypical. The city is built on three hills, surrounded by vineyards, along the Lake Léman. The old town of Lausanne is dominated by the cathedral, which is known for being Switzerland’s most impressive piece of early Gothic architecture.

Luxury hotels such as “Le Beau-Rivage Palace” or “Hotel d’Angleterre” where Lord Byron once stayed are a must see in Lausanne. Gourmets will appreciate various regional specialties as the papet Vaudois.

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Switzerland is a unique country, renowned around the world for the splendor of its landscapes, snow-capped mountains and incredible lakes. Switzerland is also a country of gastronomy that includes many culinary specialties such as cheese or chocolate.
Located in the heart of Europe, where Alps and Jura Mountains meet, Switzerland is a land of tranquility where serenity and peacefulness are key words. Switzerland has always established itself on the international economic scene, by housing some of the most powerful financial and pharmaceutical institutions in the world.
All infrastructures are synonyms of high quality, which allows the country to be mainly sought-after...

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