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Florida, USA. - South West of Florida


Estero - South West of Florida

Estero is a Spanish name for Estuary. This name was given to it because the river that flows through the village flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Old land of culture in the past, Estero is today a holiday and relaxing destination. Estero is appreciated for its natural side, its beaches and landscapes, illustrated by mounds of shells forming the bay of Estero.

 Access is by boat only, which provides a quiet and serene lifestyle.

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South West of Florida
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The southwest coast of Florida is quite different from its neighbor the east coast. It has many assets and looks much more natural and less concreted. Bordered by the Gulf of Mexico, the west coast is full of tourist and natural attractions, such as white sandy beaches or various nautical spots. 

Moreover, while crossing the coast, you will be able to discover the famous Everglades all in the south, or, the botanical gardens of the Sarasota area.

Living on the west coast offers a much more peaceful, calm and quiet atmosphere to its inhabitants, while offering them magnificent, diverse and varied natural landscapes.


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