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Lisbon is both the capital and the largest city in Portugal. With more than 2 million inhabitants, Lisbon is both one of the most beautiful cities in the country, but also one of the most charismatic. It is a city where both modernity and traditional heritage are mixed.

Portuguese culture is perfectly represented in its capital and ranks among the top 10 cities in the world not to be missed. The historical centre, built on seven hills, gives a very singular charm to the city, and form inaccessible areas for cars. 

As a result, one comes to discover the soul of Lisbon on a stroll in the middle of old alleys and colourful houses. Its visit gives the impression of crossing centuries of history by discovering old fountains, but also the castle Saint George or the Cathedral Santa Maria Maior.

Discovering Lisbon means giving yourself the means to discover a country, a culture and a unique gastronomy.

The real estate market in Lisbon has been growing steadily in recent years. The increase in the number of visitors has also continued to increase, allowing Lisbon's housing stock to grow. 

New developments, new infrastructures, Lisbon has become in a few years one of the most popular destinations for foreign investors.

In addition to be an idyllic destination, Portugal is attracting more and more foreign pensioners because of its advantageous tax system

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Capital and largest city of the country, Lisbon is a rich destination of its history, allowing it to be one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal. Discover without further delay our selection of the most prestigious hotspots in Lisbon.

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Portugal is a coastal country bordered to the north and east by Spain, and from south to west by the Atlantic Ocean. This small country is extremely rich in diversity and its quality of life index is one of the highest in Europe. 

Portugal is a warm country, where the climate is pleasant and temperate. It is represented by dry, hot summers and unpredictable but relatively mild winters. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean influences the climate by bringing rain and humidity.

For several years now, Portugal has attracted investors from all over the world, who come to build sumptuous oceanfront properties. Portugal's large regions stand out an...

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