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Bangkok is the vibrant capital of Thailand, in South-East Asia. Originally a fishermen village created in 1782 on the riverbank of the Chao Phraya river, it became an overactive megalopolis characterized by a lively atmosphere. Bangkok is the largest city of Thailand, with almost 15 million inhabitants. The river separates the city into two parts: the right bank hosts the historical and winding districts whereas the left bank, more developed, is home to the main tourist venues as well as the business center and the modern skyscrapers.This is a city of contrasts with action at every turn. Luxury malls compete with the sea of boutiques and local markets. Extravagant high-end hotels welcome you with the same famed Thai hospitality. This is also the Mecca for Western travellers, who are looking for exoticism and change of scene. It became a meeting point for backpackers who travel in South-East Asia.Bangkok is an unmissable stop before visiting the Southern islands and this is a sought-after location for any shopping lover who will discover the upscale malls and the best boutiques of the country.Gleaming temples, local dishes, romantic rooftop restaurants and famous dynamic nightlife, let yourself be surprised by Bangkok and all the experiences it will offer you.

Investing in Thailand is nowadays a credible option to consider. With a healthy economy, excellent infrastructures, a major tourist attraction, a structured real estate market offering a good quality for its value, a low taxation and a clear law regarding real estate property, the country mixes all the required elements to realize a safe investment.Thanks to the stunning attractiveness of the region, the real estate market in Thailand knows a steady evolution of prices while offering one of the most luxury properties of the region. Due to its strategic location, its high-end infrastructures and its international airport, the area offers unique conditions to invest in an attractive and dynamic area. Facing this fondness, the local real estate has been modelled according to the new demanding inhabitants. The real estate offer perfectly meets the various expectations through different types of investments, from rental to residential, by way of speculative investments. Besides, the occupancy rate of rental properties remains high -around 75%-, which is a good element to know for future investors.

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Being one of the largest cities in Asia, Bangkok is a modern city where traditions are still carried on and border on newness. This active megalopolis seduces by its temples, its shopping Mecca, its originality and by the welcoming hospitality of its inhabitants.  With high-end dining, upscale boutiques as well as fabulous hotels and luxury properties, Phuket is an utmost destination to discover.

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The Kingdom of Thailand is the Southeast Asia region's treasure and is considered to be an unrivalled destination. This country incorporates a multitude of unique historical sites and natural settings to explore as well as a rich culture and an unmatched gastronomy. Conquesting the Thai lands would be an unprecedented experience which has a lot to offer in terms of sophistication and luxury.


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