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PRESTIGE MLS organization

The PRESTIGE MLS board of directors and operational team is made up of professionals with various complementary skills. This unique association brings together specialists in the luxury real estate sector, bringing together professionals specializing in the development of collaborative solutions, IT solutions, marketing and digital marketing and who are dedicated to the real estate sector.

The association with one of the leading real estate software in Europe allows PRESTIGE MLS to offer the best service to increase your visibility internationally.

PRESTIGE MLS brings together the best internal and external skills to to implement the best technologies for its members.

Arguments in support of PRESTIGE MLS

The main objective of PRESTIGE MLS is to create value-added partnerships with local agencies in order to provide all members with essential information regarding luxury pitches.

There are several advantages to become a PRESTIGE MLS partner:

  • Be part of a long-term international project
  • Be helped to improve the local referencing of your agency

In developing this partnership, PRESTIGE MLS seeks to become a reference that provides a detailed analysis of each Area and Hotspot. For this, PRESTIGE MLS offers a complete study of the real estate market of prices and number of apartments in each area as well as the profile of buyers and buying guides for each country. PRESTIGE MLS has a general overview by focusing on the points of interest near the Hotspots in question.

By choosing to collaborate with PRESTIGE MLS, you develop your knowledge of the local market while increasing your international visibility and more.

Working together internationally

Working with PRESTIGE MLS means benefiting from the strength of a network of luxury real estate specialists worldwide. This unique collaborative approach focuses on proximity. It guarantees:

  • High quality offers worldwide
  • Complete confidentiality
  • The expertise of our professionals who share the same requirements of quality.

Market information

Hotspot approach
Having a perfect knowledge of luxury real estate in local markets is the cornerstone of the methodology proposed by PRESTIGE MLS.

The hotspot approach allows all members to develop the local and international visibility of their offer, based on a powerful international network.
The PRESTIGE MLS white label portfolio
For this international offer, PRESTIGE MLS provides its members his entire portfolio directly on their personal site.

This technology allows members to enrich their portfolio thanks to the listings of other PRESTIGE MLS members.
High quality digital content
Based on partnerships with the best players in real estate marketing, PRESTIGE MLS gives its members the opportunity to enrich their marketing campaigns with high quality digital content.

Market reports
Reports on the luxury real estate markets, provided by the expertise of PRESTIGE MLS, give its Members a global vision of the luxury real estate market. They also provide all the information necessary to produce quality reports for their customers.

Buying guides
PRESTIGE MLS expertise in legislation and international collaboration forms the foundation of its practical guides. These guides are used by its Members when planning projects for their clients.
A powerful generator of opportunities
The MLS premium quality delivery team: PRESTIGE MLS has developed a solution
to ensure qualified leads for its members.

This offer is based on the most advanced technology, as well as a team of specialists who develop a system for recognizing requests concerning internet users before redirecting them to the agents best suited to meet their needs.
Commitment charter

By signing the commitment charter, every PRESTIGE-MLS Member Agencies pledges to:

  • Respect total confidentiality for all parties involved
  • Guarantee the quality of information given to customers
  • Ensure equity between vendor and purchaser
  • Recommend the most suitable position for the property on the current market
  • Provide international services and expertise

This charter is annually evaluated and commits each PRESTIGE-MLS Member. For their customers, it represents peace of mind

Off Market selection

For confidentiality reasons, many of our agents do not want their properties to be accessible to the public. This is why several properties remain hidden and are not published in the international section of your website.

They represent the Off Market properties. Prestige MLS members share Off Market listings in the private section. This allows them to get in touch privately with selected customers.

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