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Hotspot Approach

Become a local Luxury Referent

As stated at the 5th MLS Prestige Congress in Paris, PRESTIGE MLS has introduced a new notion of Luxury Hotspot. Applied to real estate, a Luxury Hotspot is a geographical area with exceptional features and includes an active luxury real estate market.

Prestige MLS highlights the features and strengths of these Luxury Hotspots, in accordance with the High Net Worth Individuals' codes and customer expectations.
It’s your expertise in local markets and the quality of your listings in these markets, that we seek to put forward!

In order to enhance our partners and their luxury Hotspots, we also introduced a brand-new label that allows our most representative and most committed Members on their territory, to become Prestige MLS Local Luxury Referent Members of their Luxury Hotspot. This brand-new label allows professionals to benefit from exposure and special visibility while improving theirs SEO

Don’t wait any longer and become in a few click the local luxury referent of your area!

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