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Prestige MLS is a Private Network that gathers high end Luxury Real Estate Agencies, internationally selected according to strict criteria and offering them the best web marketing tools.

Since its beginning in 2010, the vision of Luxury Real Estate remained unchanged: within this global market, having an International Network of selected partners and International visibility is not an option, it is a Priority.

Prestige MLS is an exclusive international organisation operating in 22 countries. It works with more than 100 very high-end professionals that have earned their reputation in the luxury property market. These experienced agents can offer their customers a portfolio of carefully selected luxury properties throughout the world.

Prestige MLS works hard to combine both its relevant skills and the most powerful technologies within a unique organization, gathering markets and experiences of its numerous members. The company provides professionals with the most efficient services and tools they need to meet this priority.


A Label Of Excellence

Members of Prestige MLS are accomplished luxury property professionals and as such, they accept and embrace the high demands and requirements their industry dictates.

With Prestige MLS, they represent an unrivalled international network and their customers enjoy all their combined expertise.

This network is a guarantee, a signature that has become essential in the luxury property world.

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Living your Membership through Four Pillars


Being the first European MLS dedicated to Luxury Real Estate, you can rely on us to extend your Network worldwide.

We are the #1 Luxury Network in Europe, working under the multiple-listing service principles. Your collaboration is at the heart of our job. As added security, our team is specialized in referrals. If you require it, we will treat your request and connect you to the most suitable agency for your transaction, whether you are a Member or not. We will never leave you hanging. At PRESTIGE MLS, your business matters. You matter.

In order to ensure the Quality of information and photos provided, the PRESTIGE MLS concierge service meticulously verifies all the materials received prior to their publication. At PRESTIGE MLS, the Quality of shared information matters. Your listings matter.

In the Luxury industry, leads are more about Quality than quantity, it is for this reason that PRESTIGE MLS has developed a concierge service. Before sending our Members leads generated by the PRESTIGE MLS website, our Quality team confirms the information and the coherence of the projects by following-up with all internet contacts. At PRESTIGE MLS, Quality leads matter.


Benefit from our Signature website and marketing tools to give your Agency service offers and your property global exposure while shining Internationally.

We offer an incomparable level of service and global visibility under a brand that stands for trust, discretion and excellence. PRESTIGE MLS ensures unrivaled global visibility for your properties while distinguishing them from others.

We provide you with beneficial marketing and technical solutions thanks to the PRESTIGE MLS International portfolio. PRESTIGE MLS allows you to display the complete PRESTIGE MLS portfolio on your website and generate leads directly from PRESTIGE MLS listings. PRESTIGE MLS provides you with unique solutions to print marketing materials in order to bring your local communication global.

With our Off-Market Collection, list your properties in complete privacy on PRESTIGE MLS. It will provide you with more leads, while protecting the strict confidentiality needed by your owner. Properties are presented in a completely private and anonymous way. There is no information made public regarding the listings.


Attend our diverse events to engage in our community and meet fellow Members for relevant additional business opportunities.

Several Luxury Real Estate Networks exist but none of them will be as engaged and committed to your business. Becoming a part of this private club is an opportunity to connect with Luxury Real Estate professionals from around the world. Thanks to exclusive events, PRESTIGE MLS creates strong, durable and authentic relationships.

Get to know Members in a relaxed atmosphere during local meetings organized around the world.

What better way to explore a foreign market than attending a trade show ? PRESTIGE MLS makes your presence known in International fairs while bringing you opportunities you never imagined.

Discover new markets and prospective clients during business trips and Luxury Real Estate show. We have been to Shanghai, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro… with more to come!

The PRESTIGE MLS Congress is the one and only event gathering the best experts and major influencers in the field of Luxury Real Estate.


Get extensive knowledge to learn about key markets exchanging the right information with the right local Partners.

Benefit from our Network and our team know-how to have access to key information about trends and news on any Luxury Real Estate market.

A collection of in-depth studies, fueled by the savvy of the PRESTIGE MLS team, gives its Members a global Vision of the Luxury property market.

Planning your clients’ property projects is not easy. Our buying guides will provide you with a comprehensive study of International regulations and legislations country by country.

As a Member, you will be able to interact with all PRESTIGE MLS Members. Each of them will bring you insights from their experiences as well as their perception of their local market.

Luxury Real Estate Insight

The Luxury Real Estate market is now a global market and the customer base of the High Net Worth Individuals is mobile, International. They are increasingly eager to invest in Real Estate overseas for a variety of reasons, depending on the country of origin.

Wealthy people make “pleasure” purchases all over the world, without losing sight of business sense. They have their favorite hotspots, but they do not hesitate to take advantage of currency fluctuations between Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Yuans.

Developing business in Luxury Real Estate thus requires a double approach, in logic of reciprocity:

  • Attract locally and treat more foreign customers
  • Accompany its own local clientele on their International pursuit.

The success of this approach resides in the ability of professionals to Collaborate within a Network of Partners selected according to common qualitative criteria and to have an International visibility of their service offer and property portfolio as well as selecting buyers and seller’s portfolio of High Quality.