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Escazú is an upscale and world-class neighbourhood in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. It became the poshest and most popular destination for foreigners and locals, a few miles away from San José. It welcomes several foreign embassies as well as the largest shopping malls of the country and the most sophisticated hospitals. Escazú is a trendy place which gathers luxury restaurants, posh country clubs and a bustling nightlife as this is the highest-priced real estate area in the valley. This desirable district will provide a high quality of life to the whole family. Indeed, it is often compared with Beverly Hills in Los Angeles as it offers tons of shopping, restaurants, gyms and golf courses as well as several bilingual schools.

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Investing in Costa Rica is the best to make your money grow as the real-restate market is in full expansion. Setting up in Costa Rica, it is enjoying the Occidental comfort at attractive prices.
In the past few years, Costa Rica has attracted many foreign investors due to its social and political stability and its tourism sector which is considerably extending. Buying a property in San Jose is an affordable solution and it is the right time to try as the housing sector has an annual estimation of 20%. Either it is for private or commercial use, you will undoubtedly derive profits.

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Buying basics

There is no legal restriction to buy a property in Costa Rica, even if you are a non-resident, who have the same rights than the native people in terms of property. Before purchasing, there is one fundamental element to consider: The most comprehensive form of property ownership in Costa Rica is fee ownership. Fortunately for foreigners, the conditions for this type of ownership are the same for Costa Rican nationals as they are for foreigners. The concept of fee simple ownership is the same in Costa Rica as in the US. Basically, fee simple ownership gives the owner of the property the absolute right to materially own the property.
Before any purchase, it is recommended to examine the different legal documents such as the owner of the property, the plans... You will find all the useful information on the website registronacional.go.cr.
It is also encouraged to contact a professional of the real-estate market in the area to know the different steps of the buying process.
Some experts advise to buy a good through the creation of a limited liability company, which will increase the application fees.

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San José
Hotspots in San José

San José is the capital and the largest city of Costa Rica and it is situated in the heart of the Central Valley, at 1,200 meters of altitude. Surrounded by majestic mountains and volcanos, this is a recent city which is organized as the ones in North America, that is to say with numbered streets which cross themselves at right angle.
This is an unique city, very diversified and with multi-facets. Its particularity is the fact that well-off neighbourhoods are in the fringes of the city while the popular districts are in the center. This is the reason why the major economic activity of the city takes place in the suburbs.  
The central location of San Jose in the country makes it an ideal pla...

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For Rent

Villa For Rent In Escazú, San José

CR-00112-29996 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Property number: 1585

For rent: $6,000 

Location: San Antonio of Escazú, Central Valley west side 
Square meters: 535 m2
Lot size: 12,000 m2 (aprox 3 acres or 1.2 hect) 
Bedrooms: 3 (easily convertible to 4 bedrooms) 
Bathrooms: 2.5 
Parking spaces: 6
Number of floors: 2
View type: gardens, nature, valley, mountains and city 

Type of furniture included: kitchen appliances and furniture 


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Costa Rica | San José |
$6,000 USD
535 m2
For Sale

Apartment For Sale In Escazú, San José

CR-00112-29994 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Property number: 1588

For Rent: $ 6,000

Location: Monte Plata, Escazú

Square meters: 400 m2 living space
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4.5
Garage: 2
Service room with bathroom
Storage room
AC in each bedroom
Maintenance fee: included in the rent
Type of view: city and mountains
Type of furniture included: kitchen appliances

•    Apartments/penthouses/towers
•   &nb...

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Costa Rica | San José |
$6,000 USD
400 m2
For Sale

1605 - La Finquita in Jaboncillos, Escazu

CR-00112-30244 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Property number: 1605
For sale: $ 1,298,000 unfurnished - $ 1,347,000 furnished
Location: Jaboncillos, San Rafael de Escazu
Square meters: 606 m2
Lot Size: 2,258.34 m2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 5
Car park: 3
External parking: 8 cars
Number of floors: 1
Year of construction: 2002 - remodeled in 2011
Maintenance Fee: None
Type of view: Mountain and city
• Single family homes
• Villas/haciendas/ranches
Interior features: Nat...

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Costa Rica | San José |
$1,198,000 USD
606 m2
For Sale

1626 - Grand View Mansion in Escazú

CR-00112-30432 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Property number: 1626
For sale: $1,950,000 (partially furnished and decorated)
Location: Escazú, cercano al sector de Jaboncillos. Sector Oeste del Valle Central.
Square meters: 800 m2 living space (over 1000 m2 with terraces)
Lot size: 2,850 m2
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4.5
Maids bedroom with bathroom
Garage: 2
Parking spaces: 2
Number of floors: 3
Elevator communicating all floors
Year built: 2017
View type: city, forest, mountains

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Costa Rica | San José |
$1,950,000 USD
800 m2
For Sale

Apartment For Sale In Escazú, San José

CR-00112-25698 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Sale price: $595,000

Location: Escazú
Construction area:  180 m2 / Pool and terrace 300 m2
Total Land extension: 655 m2
Bedrooms: 2 bedrooms 
Bathrooms: 1 
Construction year: 2000 and completely remodeled in 2015
Garage: 3 covered + 3 outside 
Levels: 1
This house is a perfect home for those looking for the best location in Escaz&ua...

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Costa Rica | San José |
$475,000 USD
180 m2
For Sale

Apartment For Sale In Escazú, San José

CR-00112-27706 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Location: Jaboncillos, Escazu.

Construction: B2 363 m2, PHC 327 m2, Garden 273 m2.
Bedrooms: 3 or 4 (currently in gray building).
Bathrooms: 3 or 4 (currently in gray building)
Swimming pool: yes.
Parking: 2
Storage room: yes
Floors: 6.
Year of construction: around 2011.
Price of sale: B2$ 530,000, PHC $ 510,000, Garden $ 285,000

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9Lbm_PVSNo&t=24s


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Costa Rica | San José |
$550,000 USD
363 m2
For Rent

Apartment For Rent In Escazú, San José

CR-00112-27871 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Property number: 1557

For rent: $ 3,000
For sale: $ 450,000

Location: Bello Horizonte, Escazú

Square meters: 380 m2 total
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4.5
Service bedroom with bathroom
Car garage: 2
Maintenance fee: 360,000 colones (approx $ 575)
Type of view: city, mountains and trees

Type of furniture included: kitchen appliances

• Apartments / Towers
• For rent

Interior feature...

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Costa Rica | San José |
$2,900 USD
380 m2
For Sale

Villa For Sale In Escazú, San José

CR-00112-28078 | Listed by costa-rica-luxury

Property number: 1562

For sale: $ 675,000

Location: San Antonio, Escazú
Square meters: 400 m2
Lot size: 1,865 m2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3.5
Service or guest bedroom outside the house
Garage: 3
Outside parking: 8
Number of floors: 2
Year of construction: 2003
Type of view: mountains and garden

Type of furniture included: none

•    Single family Home
•   ...

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Costa Rica | San José |
$625,000 USD
400 m2