Architectural and Design Trends in Luxury Real Estate

It was not many years ago that glitz and glamour were all the rage in luxury home architectural design concerning both interiors and exteriors. However, as the minimalism movement has grown, so has the evolution of new concepts amid modern homes that are increasingly trending towards contemporary craftsmanship with clean, cool colors and designs. These are some of the hottest trends in luxury residential architecture.

Geometric Designs Create Extraordinary Spaces

A luxury home does not have to be palatial or sprawling to be the attention grabber of the block.

 In fact, more home builders, architects and designers are answering buyer’s calls for more compact homes with upward construction that utilize innovative floating-style design features to create the illusion of space. Geometric patterns are the foundation of everything in the natural world, and those wanting a modern aesthetic appeal that seamlessly melds with the natural environment will find this growing trend appealing.

Envision jutting piers on the second or third floor that can accommodate a garden, infinity pool, outdoor kitchen space or a rooftop entertainment area. These functional and aesthetically appealing areas can be triangular, rectangular, circular or in irregular shapes to establish a dramatic presence. These architectural layouts are ideal for floor to ceiling window plans that transform interiors as well as provide for impressive views.

Mixed Metal Adornments and Furnishings

Mixed metals have been popular for centuries amid home design and interior decor. 

However, these types of materials are making a huge resurgence as trends are leaning towards the incorporation of new and old aesthetic features amid today’s luxury homes. Interiors laden with embellishments, crown and floor moldings and ceiling panels crafted of mixed metals are quickly replacing traditional painted and stained woods and synthetic materials.

Exteriors are becoming more bold while remaining clean and contemporary with mixed metal accent railings and window trims becoming ever more popular, particularly on geometric styled homes and historic renovations. The most popular materials amid the category include brass deco, polished/unpolished silver, brushed/polished nickel, metallic golds and metals that have undergone forced corrosion processes to provide an antiquated look.

Get a Greater Outlook—Go Big with Glass Windows

Nothing quite offers a view of a home’s surroundings like seamless wall-to-ceiling windows, and there are even retracting and folding options that allow for maximum versatility concerning design options. Sheer glass panels simply exude the essence of chic and modern with elegant clean lines that envelop the natural environment while inviting light indoors. Those who want to open up their world to the exteriors should consider folding window systems that integrate full glass paned walls with opening window features.

These expandable views don’t need to end with outdoor scenery, as retractable screen panels upon interior wall dividing window can provide a whole new perspective for guests and residents alike. No longer does that division between the living room and the kitchen or the bedroom to the master bath need to separate occupants with these modern additions that maximize views indoors on command.

Cool Contemporary Monochromatic Schemes

Those seeking a fresh and modern look for their luxury home should consult with a design pro about incorporating monochromatic color schemes within the home’s decor. Devised from a single color that is expounded through the use of lighter and darker shades and complemented by whites, blacks and grays can create incredible illusionary focal points that support visual legibility and contrast.

Amid interiors, consider adding textured pieces with bulk and lift while including complementary accent pieces that help created the feel of luxury and elegance while not compromising via simplicity. Think luxurious materials that easily incorporate themselves with a sleek streamlined structure that invoke the minimalist and simplistic vibe. Marble, slate, tile, terra cotta materials or decorative paints in neutrals, whites and grays help achieve this vision upon exteriors of luxury homes.

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