Exclusive Tips: Buying Luxury Real Estate In India

Interested in investing in India luxury real estate and need some advice? Discover exclusive tips, from legal to taxes to cultural must-know points. These are just a few hints from our Buying Guide to India available to Members-only. Watch and learn!

Population in the big cities is growing exponentially, and the residential market in India has traditionally been an end user market, compared to an investor’s market

An ancient temple hidden in the mountains, a wild forest with thousand year-old trees, a cultural fest with dynamic dances or a cuisine where infinite colors intertwine. In western countries, it seems as if the Indian culture is becoming more and more popular. Yet how much of the country do you really think you know?

New Delhi is the official capital of India, and it constitutes a gargantuan area with all of the surrounding cities. However, you will see that many luxury properties are also located in Mumbai, the 2nd biggest city in the country. The iconic Antilia building is a world-known example of one of the faces of luxury homes in India.

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How is the Real Estate market in India looking like right now?

Population in the big cities is growing exponentially, and the residential market in India has traditionally been an end user market, compared to an investor’s market. So the market is growing very strong! Consider two hotspots if you’re interested: Kolkata and Rajarhat.

How is the tax and legal framework surrounding Real Estate in India?

Taxes on real estate are complex and vary depending on each state. For example, in Dehli, property taxes range from 6% to 10%. You will also need to pay a stamp duty, capital gains tax and wealth tax will reach 1% of your property value As usual, we always recommend that you contact a tax specialist for your project. You may have a look at our Affiliates directory for referrals on professionals.

Practically speaking, how do you buy a property in India?

Unfortunately, unless you are a non-resident Indian citizen or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) of up to four generations, it will be harder for you to invest in India real estate. The market has been very protected from foreign investment. So you may need to actually move to the country, and live for at least 183 days per year to be granted the right to buy a home.

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