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The district of Jardins is a residential neighborhood that gathers huge modern villas in a very safe environment. It is one of the richest area in São Paulo and as an elite neighborhood, this is a privileged place to go shopping in high-end boutiques and to taste upscale dishes in luxurious restaurants.
This exclusive hotspot is known for its trendy nightlife and exceptional cultural dimension. The upper class region of Jardins welcomes the wealthiest population of São Paulo in gated single-family houses as well as several top schools, top-end hotels and lovely gardens.

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Market Overview

In recent years, the real estate market in São Paulo has evolved. In fact, professionals have revealed that a new trend was taking place: real estate buyers are investing more and more in small luxury apartments, situated in posh districts of the city and located in new and elegant high-rise apartment buildings. Besides, purchasers are more looking for constructions with a vast range of paid services. This type of investment is interesting because it allows companies to host their leaders in luxury districts with all conveniences of a house. Therefore, this kind of offers is mainly situated close to business centers.

Who buys?

In the last few years, the city of São Paulo has welcomed new types of buyers, who are mainly posh young couples and wealthy businessmen who wish to invest in a luxury property.

Buying basics

In Brazil, there are special rules regarding property: – the general rule is that the owner of the soil also owns the subsoil. Owner is able to make vertical constructions up to a reasonable depth, such as to build a basement or a subterranean garage. Owner cannot prevent the use of the subsoil for some activities, such as soil drilling for subway rails, passageway for conduit devices... Foreign investors have the same rights as local citizens to acquire real estate property, except for special cases (rural lands, mining land, property near the coast or frontier...) and Foreigne r with residence in Brazil cannot acquire more than an area equivalent to 50 units of rural property called “módulos rurais”. foreign entity can only acquire rural property for agricultural purpose, industrialization, and other specific projects, duly approved by the Brazilian Agricultural Ministry or the Department of Trade and Industry.
It is advisable to count with a legal assistance for the acquisition of a real estate in Brazil. The lawyer will verify the certificates and possible burdens or impediments for the acquisition, elaborate all legal documents, and make sure that the transaction is safe for the buyer.

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São Paulo
Hotspots in São Paulo

The large city of São Paulo has about 20 million inhabitants, making it the third most popular megalopolis in the world and the largest city in South America. São Paulo is also the economic, gastronomic and cultural capital of Brazil, also known for its unpredictable climate and the architecture of its infrastructures.
There are, in this city, no less than 150 museums and cultural centers, 12500 restaurants representing more than 50 types of cuisine, more than 400 cinemas and theaters. It is important not to forget that there are more than 15 000 bars and discotheques, which is related to the reputation of Brazilian,'s nights. And which make the pleasure of tourists, coming from all over ...

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