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Known as San Diego's Jewel by the sea, the posh district of La Jolla is one of the best beach destination in California and is considered as the Beverly Hills on the beach. This is a gorgeous hilly seaside area within the city of San Diego which welcomes world class hotels, upscale restaurants, high-end boutiques as well as some of the most majestic coastline real estates in California. The neighbourhood provides breathtaking views on the ocean as well. This privileged district is a haven sought-after by celebrities, moneyed elite and wealthy families who are looking for tranquility and a cosy environment on the seaside. La Jolla has a lot to offer in terms of water activities, from surfing to snorkelling by ways of kayak to explore magnificent sea caves. It also seduces thanks to its shows worthy of Broadway, its renowned museums and art galleries and even its natural reserve bordering the sea. The beautifully manicured streets are home to opulent and architecturally magnificent multimillion-dollar as well as modern-day mansions.

Market overview

The American real estate market has suffered from an important crisis, due to seizure of properties. This phenomenon had a huge consequence on prices, which plummeted. Therefore, investing in a property in San Diego is currently a safe investment and is interesting as the market benefits from favorable conditions. The market has been regaining certain momentum, and prices started to rise. As the city enjoys a mature market, investors can foresee a high return on investment. Besides, the American population is mobile and often changes its accommodations. The law is particularly secured for financial backers and the American system is based on MLS (Multiple Listing System) which gathers all properties on sale, which is a guaranty of  ease to find one. Thanks to a nice economic expansion, San Diego enjoys a large and diversified property portfolio with competitive prices for a city such vibrant, enormous and sunny. All in all, this area is a real heaven for owners and real estate investors.

Buying basics

Before any investment, the potential buyer will have to contact a professional of the real estate sector. The latter will need his client's passport and other administrative and bank documents to testify his identity and his solvency. The buying process is really fast (around one month). You do not need to have the American citizenship nor the famous Green card but you are required to provide a social security number (SSN), which is obligatory to fill in the tax return (that is only $100 for a property).

Besides, it is highly recommended to purchase an insurance regarding the ownership title in order to be secured in case of potential recording error.


San Diego
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San Diego is a city situated on the Pacific coast, in the south of the State of California and it counts more than 1.3 million inhabitants. The waterfront city is close to the boarder with Mexico and it is the second city of California and the 8th most populous city of the United States. San Diego is a major economic center in the region thanks to tourism, international trade and military and defence activities. This is also a large Biotechnology Research center thanks to the presence of the University of California in San Diego as well as academic medical sites.Since the Second World War, San Diego has been an important military center as the US Navy has its main naval base and its largest maritime airport i...

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