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Mount Royal - Calgary

Mount Royal, also known as "American Hill" due to its large American community is a posh residential neighbourhood situated on the south side of Calgary, along the west bank of the Elbow River.  Mount Royal is an exclusive enclave characterized by luxury single-family detached homes and it also hosts fine dining restaurants, trendy bars, upscale boutiques, high-end fitness facilities as well as other personal services. The prosperous neighbourhood is an attractive district for the wealthy population, who enjoys a quiet and private environment.

Surface type (Av.): m2
Min price (Av.): $0
Med price (Av.): $1,290,000
Max price (Av.): $0
Market overview

Calgary is welcoming more and more foreign investors who are looking for luxury properties. The most sought-after ones are the houses of more than $1.5 million. This new attractiveness galvanizes the economy of the city and the luxury real estate market is rising, year after year. This phenomenon can be explained thanks to low mortgage rates and a high demand of wealthy foreign buyers who consider Canada as a secure and stable country to invest in.

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Situated in the south of the Alberta province, at the intersection of the Bow and Elbow Rivers, Calgary is the most populous city of the province with 1.2 million inhabitants. This cosmopolitan area is one of Canada's wealthiest cities and sits in a vast plain where the Rocky Mountains rise dramatically to the west. Calgary surprises by its beauty, its cool eateries, its countless festivals throughout the year and its dynamic nightlife. It became one of the major country music center in Canada and spreads an innovative spirit.This is an attractive business center and one of the world leaders in the energy area because its main industry is based on oil as the reserves in Alberta are estimated to be second only...

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