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Westmount is a true garden-city, situated in the heart of Montreal, on the mountainsides. This little paradise is close to the center of Montreal while being a peaceful place. 

This little rural village became the city of Westmount in 1905 even if its territories were ancient Amerindian lands. It turned into a prosperous-looking city when the Mile Carré Doré, the former elite neighbourhood of Montreal, grew up. Besides, with its Neo-Tudor-style buildings, it proudly shows the British origin of its founders.
Westmount is one of the rarest cities in Quebec which produces its own electricity thanks to "Hydro Westmount".

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After a decrease between 2011 and 2014, the real-estate market has risen by 5% regarding the number of properties sold in Montreal in 2016. Thousands of condos have been built in the region of Montreal these last years and many of them are still unoccupied and still on the housing market. According to real-estate experts, 2017 would be characterized by a slowing down of sells due to new mortgage loan measures. However, the growth of the employment market and the low unemployment rate should boost property sells.


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Montreal is a city in the province of Quebec, situated in the South East of Canada. This is the second largest city in the country and is a major metropolis in Quebec. Thanks to its French colonial history, dated from the 16th century, the French Canadian population is predominant in the city. For this reason, Montreal is considered to be the second largest French-city speaking in the world, after Paris. Montreal is famous for its diversity and is an important cosmopolitan place in North America. But Montreal is also an attractive city thanks to its unquestioned modernity, its charming style and its vivacity. 

Montreal has various facets and you will experience them thr...

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