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China is a country in full expansion, which is particularly dynamic and thriving. After a short adaptation period for European tourists, its foreign visitors will discover this incredible place which has managed to take advantage of its cultural, economic and geographical as well as political dimensions. Thanks to its rather affordable prices and its bargaining culture, China has so much to offer you.

In 2016, China was facing the creation of housing bubbles and 2017 is a crucial year for the country. The price increase, which is considered as a positive sign in Europe, is not appreciated in China as the country hopes to reduce price increases in big cities while slowing down the rush of housing investments. Before investing in China, it is therefore recommended to be prudent and well-informed.

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China is a newly attractive country for real estate investors. Its luxury housing market is on the verge of expanding. Therefore, it is the right moment to have a look to our finest selection of the areas that will offer you all you are looking for.

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