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Alajuela is the 2nd largest city in Costa Rica in terms of size and population. It is located in the heart of the central valley of Costa Rica, at the foot of the volcano POAS (2704m above sea level). Its name evolved over time, passing from Villahermosa to La Juela, and from La Juela to Alajuela.
Alajuela is also an agricultural region, where sugar and coffee have always been grown. It is also the economic center of the country in this field.
It is a peaceful and pleasant region, totally devoid of the hustle and bustle of a big city and where people lives in a very simple way. However, there are still some infrastructures giving the impression of a modern city like, cinema, restaurant, shops ... Access to the area is simplified thanks to its proximity to the international airport.

Investing in Costa Rica is the best to make your money grow as the real-restate market is in full expansion. Setting up in Costa Rica, it is enjoying the Occidental comfort at attractive prices.
In the past few years, Costa Rica has attracted many foreign investors due to its social and political stability and its tourism sector which is considerably extending. Buying a property in Alajuela is an affordable solution and it is the right time to try as the housing sector has an annual estimation of 20%. Either it is for private or commercial use, you will undoubtedly derive profits.

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Discover the region of Alajuela, a large Costa Rican city with a warm family atmosphere. Even though this haven of peace is more and more coveted for its richness, culture, and joy of life, it has retained its authenticity, and today represents a real destination of choice.

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Rich in natural resources, Costa Rica is on the top-rated places chosen by travelers thanks to splendid volcanoes, misty cloud forests, strikingly beautiful river valleys as well as dream beaches. But this country is much more than a vacation destination. Discover its spellbinding biological diversity, make friends with its family-oriented culture and appreciate its peacefulness while living in one of our finest property selections we offer you.


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