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The residential neighbourhood of Fiera, situated in the northwest side of Milan, is a quiet and enjoyable area, which allows to escape from the noise and hustle of city life. Thanks to a good connection with public transportation, the center of the city can be easily reached. The district was named in reference to the countless international shows that took place there for several years. Nowadays, Fiera is undergoing tremendous changes: next to luxury villas and prestigious palaces dating from the last century, and old buildings from the 1950s, numerous modern and opulent complexes as well as sumptuous skyscrapers designed by internationally renowned architects, are being built. Fiera is one of the best districts to live for families  and it is sought-after by the French and Japanese communities due to its proximity to French and Japanese schools.

Market overview

The real-estate sector in Milan is very dynamic and has a constant growth. With an average of 6,700 euros per square meter, Milan is almost twice less expensive than Paris and Rome. This phenomenon could be explained because of the 2007 crisis, which considerably impacted the city. However, foreign investments increase over the years in Milan since then and the following years may confirm this tendency.

Who buys?

The main investors who choose Italy as the country to purchase a property equally come from the United Kingdom and Italy. The majority of the other investors come from Russia and the rest of Europe.

Buying basics

It is possible to buy a property in Italy if you respect the various administrative formalities. It is highly recommended to contact a professional of the real-estate sector. The signature of the sales contrat must be held before a notary. The latest will deal with the writing of the contract, the transaction registration as well as the payment of various taxes (such as the local property, the capital gains, the wealth and inheritance taxes).


Discover Hotspots in Milan

Milan is located in the North of Italy and it is the second largest city of the country. This is the capital of the Lombardie region and is also the economic capital of Italy. This city is a large and dynamic metropolis, where history meets up with modernity as the city is punctuated by historical monuments. This is a place which gathers museum and art galleries. Milan has a nice range of assets: It is renowned for its business center with the Milan Stock Exchange, along with its trendy bars, its elegant design and above all, for its fashion center, as Milan is internationally recognized for being one of the style capitals. The greatest couturiers and luxury brands have their headquarters in Milan.

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