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The iconic Notting Hill was, in the past, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in London where rents were cheap.
In the 1960s, the trend began to reverse, with the organization of the Carnaval of Notting Hill. In 1999, the district enjoyed an international showcase with the film "Thunderbolt in Notting Hill" with main actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Renowned for its antique market and its vintage shops, the neighbourhood is largely residential and has a richly colored housing stock as well as impressive Victorian houses.
The demand for housing is very important for both staying and settling there.

Market overview

Since 2011, the property prices have risen by 29% in the United Kingdom and particularly in London, where prices reached a high record . According to UBS, the Swiss banking industry heavyweight, the risk of a housing  bubble is high.

Therefore, in order to stop the price boom, the British government proposed solutions in its real-estate white paper of February 2017.

Besides, because of Brexit, the country may have a lower growth compared to the past years, with a loss of purchasing power for UK residents and a potential inflation rise. This phenomenon may have an impact on housing prices which may increase more slowly in London and which may favour foreign buyers.

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London is the capital and the largest city in the United Kingdom. In addition to being an important economic, financial and artistic center in the world, London is renowned for being one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, but also one of the most diversified in terms of population.
London is also a city of history and includes many historic buildings, which today have left a very important residential housing stock.
Georgian house, luxury apartment and luxury condo, have made of London one of the most prestigious and most expensive cities in the world. The London climate perfectly symbolizes the oceanic climate, including regular rainfall throughout the year and a very limited amount of sunsh...

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