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Coral Gables - Miami

Coral Gables is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Florida and one of the most beautiful hotspots in Miami.Its architecture, entirely Mediterranean, came straight out of the imagination of the architect Georges Merrick in the 1920s.One of its most famous buildings is the famous "Biltmore" Hotel, which was the home of many celebrities and presidents, such as Al Capone or Franklin D Roosevelt.Located close to the Miami International Airport, the harbour and the city center, Coral Gables has been designed to become an international city. Today, it houses more than 20 consulates, 150 international companies and the famous international university of Miami.Coral Gables is considered as a "garden city" from which you can walk on foot along perfectly hewn gardens and Mediterranean-style buildings.

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Miami is an American iconic city, which makes the whole world dream. Multicultural, festive and above all tolerant, Miami is a place where everyone can find his place.Located between the Everglades National Park and Biscayne Park, Miami enjoys a tropical climate, warm and humid all year round. Over the years, Miami has built a reputation as a trendy city, as well as artistic city by hosting every year the international "Art Basel" event that brings together and presents more than 250 prestigious galleries from all over the world.Miami is also famous for the culture of sport: surfing, windsurfing and other street workout have become the most practiced activities in recent years, that make sport as th...

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