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Florida, USA.


Miami is an American iconic city, which makes the whole world dream. Multicultural, festive and above all tolerant, Miami is a place where everyone can find his place.Located between the Everglades National Park and Biscayne Park, Miami enjoys a tropical climate, warm and humid all year round. Over the years, Miami has built a reputation as a trendy city, as well as artistic city by hosting every year the international "Art Basel" event that brings together and presents more than 250 prestigious galleries from all over the world.Miami is also famous for the culture of sport: surfing, windsurfing and other street workout have become the most practiced activities in recent years, that make sport as the real king of Miami. Miami's diversity is reflected in its unusual neighbourhoods, including the famous "Miami Beach", "Coconuts Groves", "Liberty city", "Little Havana", "Surfside" and many more.

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Thanks to its heavenly beaches, its unique atmosphere, its cultural diversity and its always sunny weather, Miami is a perfect destination to explore. Discover our finest selection of hotspots in the city of Miami.

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The US state of Florida is located on the southeastern coast of the United States. Florida is considered the state of the sun and covers an area of more than 150,000 km2. Even though it was originally a gigantic marshy area infested with mosquitoes, Florida has become over the thread of time and the constructions, a unique place in the world. Its geographical position and its infinite coastline offers kilometers of white sandy beach, lined with coconut trees which makes it a destination appreciated by retirees, celebrities and high level sportsmen.  Additionally, some area like Orlando, are also enjoyed by families for their proximities with renowned great schools, malls and some attractions like "D...

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