Prestige MLS & List Globally: An International collaboration

The Reason Why Collaboration is the Key for International Luxury Real Estate
During their 5th annual congress, Prestige-MLS announced their partnership with ListGlobally, the leader in Real Estate ad multicasting at an international scale; a partnership with the objective of allowing Members to be even more efficient while developing in new geographic areas.
In that occasion, Geoffroy Reiser, Director of Commercial Development at ListGlobally participated to highlight the necessity Luxury professionals have to benefit from international support.

To Collaborate Allows to Remove Obstacles and Limits

How can Real Estate professionals accompany their clients in an international approach?
As Luxury professionals, it is primary to be able to position ourselves in the international market. Nevertheless, an issue arises: What are the levers that allow a structure to make a quality offer abroad? The Internet appears as a tool of choice when showing interest on the internationalization of a company and its offer. However, Search Engine Optimization is a very complex process that requires very significant efforts to be efficient.
If a brand is recognized in its market, it needs the tools to shine Internationally. It is precisely here that services such as ListGlobally position themselves. The benefit of using an established distribution Network allows for the optimization of Marketing Investments. Nevertheless, the Luxury Real Estate agent does not rely uniquely on the Internet. There is an equal part of visible work that takes place off-line, which introduces time and space constraints that do not exist with the Internet.
Networking and the capacity of professionals to find collaborators guarantee visibility in this facet. With this in mind, the Nusiness Club Prestige-MLS promotes collaboration. It is the element that allows professionals to stand out and pass on to next level.

Being Ready
Depending on the territory, Real Estate is experienced differently by clients. Their criteria, values and needs are unique to the location. This disparity represents one more challenge to take on for Real Estate agents. During their presentation in the Vision Congress, Geoffroy Reiser from ListGlobally made a reminder on the importance of being ready to encounter clients from every horizon. Agency websites must be multilingual. Team collaborators must, if possible, speak several languages. If that is not the case, the agency should be able to provide a translator. It is from this perspective that Prestige-MLS has thought of its Partnership with ListGlobally. A professional that leans at the same time on a Network of quality collaborators and on the experience of the leaders in international promotion brings an important competitive advantage.

ListGlobally and Prestige-MLS: A Collaboration Made To Measure    
The partnership between the Business Club and the multicasting society has allowed the genesis of a new offer that answers to specific needs of Luxury Real Estate professionals. The ads will be posted on selected portals, all corresponding with the requirements of the Network.
By developing this partnership approach, Prestige-MLS wishes to propose its Members an offer capable of supporting them in multiple ways. It is in order to highlight this willingness that the Network has developed this partnership.

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