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Situated in the British Columbia province, the city of Vancouver was created in 1866 and now counts more than 630,000 inhabitants. It is the major metropolis of West Canada and is located less than 50 kilometers away from the American border. Also known as the "Glass city" due to its many glass and steel buildings, Vancouver is a big modern and charming city which succeeded in staying close to nature. On the Pacific coast, this dynamic center is appreciated for its nice seaside and its various aquatic activities. But it is also surrounded by splendid mountains which offer nice opportunities to its inhabitants to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. All these elements contribute to make Vancouver a splendid city, with a natural charm.Vancouver is regularly awarded one of the best cities in the world to live in and it provides a true sweetness of life. For instance, it has an efficient  health care system, public transportation easy to access as well as renowned schools and universities. The city is also famous for its cosmopolitan character and its diversity. Throughout the year, international events are organized, such as the Celebration of light firework competition. Vancouver is considered to be the first "millionnaire city" in Canada and therefore offers exceptional opportunities for wealthy people.

The luxury real estate market in Vancouver has been skyrocketed over the last decade. The number of luxury properties sold as well as the demand in Vancouver have been reaching record highs. This increase of the high-end real estate market can be explained by various elements. First, the market is coming back to life after having deeply suffered from recession. In addition, wealthy buyers benefit from these exceptional opportunities to invest. At least, Vancouver dominates the luxury market in Canada in terms of volume and prices. Experts foresee a rise regarding properties of $4 million and more.

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If you are an outdoor sport activity fan, you want to live in a typical North American city and enjoy an extraordinary lifestyle, Vancouver is the city to live in. Discover the best hotspots of Vancouver Prestige MLS has selected for you.

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This giant country - the second largest one in the world - will achieve you dream. Who never wished to watch aurora borealis, visit dynamic urban centers, have a rest next to lakes of exceptional beauty and admire forests which turned to bright colors in the autumn?
All these elements are gathered in one country, Canada. The harshness of winter will be overshadowed by its welcoming inhabitants and its remarkable quality of life.


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