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Shaughnessy Heights - Vancouver

Situated on the West side of Ontario, Shaughnessy Heights is one of the most expensive districts of Vancouver. Mainly residential, this upper-class neighborhood is a charming suburb that hosts one of the most luxury properties of Canada. Shaughnessy Heights is a serene area, which offers to wealthy people prestigious schools, manicured parks and high-end facilities. Adored by well-off families and international couples, Shaughnessy Heights provides an absolute lifestyle as well as a high quality of life in a safe environment.

Surface type (Av.): m2
Min price (Av.): $0
Med price (Av.): $3,090,000
Max price (Av.): $0
Market overview

The luxury real estate market in Vancouver has been skyrocketed over the last decade. The number of luxury properties sold as well as the demand in Vancouver have been reaching record highs. This increase of the high-end real estate market can be explained by various elements. First, the market is coming back to life after having deeply suffered from recession. In addition, wealthy buyers benefit from these exceptional opportunities to invest. At least, Vancouver dominates the luxury market in Canada in terms of volume and prices. Experts foresee a rise regarding properties of $4 million and more.

Who buys?

In summer 2016, foreign buyers spent over $855 million in five weeks to acquire properties in Vancouver. This amount represented 10% of all real estate transactions of the region. Buyers from Middle-East, China and Europe are the most important populations to invest in Vancouver. They are seduced by the political and banking stability of the country and generally consider Canadian housing as an investment.

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