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Cap Bénat is an exclusive domain of the French Riviera, only the owners have access to the domain. This real natural idyll includes one of the richest fauna and flora of the country, the vineyards of the domain of the Sangliere, the dune cordon, wild animals such as wild boars, foxes but also many species of birds such as owls and other cuckoos. Tourists don't have other choice than to follow a coastal path that has been traced to allow them to benefit from different points of view. Cape Bénat is one of the most prestigious natural sites of the littoral while being the most maritime advance of the municipality. It is one of the few places on this coast that has escaped the urbanization, and this is why it enjoys a unique and prestigious setting with more than 1500 individual properties.

Listings in Cap Bénat
Apartment House
Surface type (Av.): 110 m2 200 m2
Min Price (Av.): $1,109,600 USD $887,680 USD
Med Price (Av.): $1,664,400 USD $3,328,800 USD
Max Price (Av.): $4,438,400 USD $6,657,600 USD
Market Overview

Even though market prices have declined over the last five years, considering it to be stalled, the market has been stable since 2014. It allowed a slight increase in prices. This stabilization has led to an increase in available offers at more competitive prices. As a result, in areas such as Nice, Antibes and Cannes, the number of transactions is up. Saint‐Tropez hadn’t been spared, after having exceptional years, and experienced crisis. But since 2016 transactions has begun to restart. Today, investing in Cote d’Azur is also a guarantee of profitability. In addition, foreign buyers have favorable legislation and benefit from the euro decrease against dollar. These elements allowed to relaunch a market frozen since few years.

Who buys?

Cote d'Azur attracts a clientele of wealthy local families, liberal professions workers, business leaders or senior managers, as well as a diversified international clientele looking for quiet, green and close location to the city center for holidays, with an easy access and many cultural activities.

Buying basics

Before any investments, international foreigners must approach an industry professional to know the conditions related to this investment. This professional must first collect the primary information of the purchaser, his nationality, his country of residence, his professional situation and his matrimonial regime. Members of the European Union and countries signatories to a special agreement with France, benefit from special regimes. On the other hand, foreign buyers do not need to constitute a company to benefit from another status and therefore depend on a different legal and fiscal regime.

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French Riviera
Hotspots in French Riviera

Located in the South-East of France, Côte d'Azur covers part of the Bouches du Rhone, the Var department, the Maritimes Alps and the Principality of Monaco.
Its geographical position gives it the advantage of a Mediterranean climate, soft and sunny.
Moreover, Cote d'Azur benefits from a wide range of landscapes: the charm of its sunny beaches, the Calanques of the Provences coastline, which offer a protected and idyllic panorama, but also landscapes made up of valleys dedicated to the agriculture and vines.
All these elements make the Cote d'Azur a place highly appreciated by foreign investors.
The activities developed by tourism and economics activities allow prestigious real es...

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