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Portugal is a coastal country bordered to the north and east by Spain, and from south to west by the Atlantic Ocean. This small country is extremely rich in diversity and its quality of life index is one of the highest in Europe. 

Portugal is a warm country, where the climate is pleasant and temperate. It is represented by dry, hot summers and unpredictable but relatively mild winters. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean influences the climate by bringing rain and humidity.

For several years now, Portugal has attracted investors from all over the world, who come to build sumptuous oceanfront properties. Portugal's large regions stand out and offer tourists a diversity of breathtaking urban and rural landscapes. Portugal has thus become in a few years, a very attractive country and especially very sought after by customers from all over the world.

The Portuguese market has been growing strongly in recent years thanks to the price of luxury real estate which remained very attractive and a tax system considered advantageous. These elements attract an international clientele seeking exemption and reduced taxation. This international clientele alone accounts for one fifth of real estate sales in Portugal. In recent years, the Portuguese State has implemented maintenance and renovation actions to revive the market, which is currently composed of old and new buildings.

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Portugal is a sunny destination all year round, very popular for its authentic beaches. This ideal destination is discovered through its rich landscapes and regions with unique cultural and historical heritage. Gastronomy, wines, traditions and atmosphere are all elements that testify to the charm of this country.

Discover Portugal and its most beautiful regions without further delay.

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