Prestige MLS, A Different Perspective Of Luxury Real Estate

Review of the 5th Annual Prestige MLS « Vision » Conference – Paris – December 2016

« Real estate tells the story of our lives, and prestigious real estate tells the story of exceptional lives. »  


These words, spoken at the 5th annual « Vision » conference of the Prestige-MLS network, are those of Jacques Bigand, President of Gercop Group and shareholder of Prestige MLS. 

This conference served, on the one hand, as a reminder of the assets and vision of Prestige MLS in its international collaborations in prestigious real estate, while on the other hand presenting the new strategies and tools put at the disposal of its members.

Thus, the new Prestige MLS offer is more than ever a prestigious international label, a portfolio of high quality real estate exclusives, and high-end digital content in the real estate market of prestigious « hotspots ».

The MLS Approach Adapted to Prestigious Real Estate: the Core of Prestige MLS’s Strategy

The implementation of a « classical » MLS organization consists of grouping real estate agents of a same living area into a collaborative approach, regulated at the local level and based on a set of records of qualified, exclusive mandates.

In terms of luxury real estate, this local dimension of the organization remains necessary but is insufficient, especially regarding the international clientele present in this segment of the market.

In this way Prestige MLS thought it appropriate to implement this collaborative aspect of MLS, by adapting some of its special features to the requirements of the luxury real estate market:

Strict criteria for member selection;

International promotion of the label as a distinctive participant;

Marketing support for the development of the international visibility of its members.

New Tools Of Pestige-MLS

Facilitate collaboration and promote the international vision of their approach

Networking, International Outreach, Membership Commitment and Learning

These are the values that determine the new tools available to Prestige MLS members:

  •  A « Lounge » area redesigned to make the user experience more versatile.
  • A new mobile application (leads management, member interactions, information sharing.
  • A redesigned newsletter to be a real source of information for its members.

 The « Hotspots » Approach

Having perfect knowledge of the geographical areas and local characteristics of prestigious real estate markets is not an option for Prestige MLS; it is a necessity on which the network will focus its efforts in terms of visibility.

This “hotspot” approach will enable each member to develop the local and global visibility of its offer, based on a powerful international network.

The Prestige MLS White Label Portfolio

For this global offer, Prestige MLS now offers its members the integration of the Prestige MLS portfolio on their own websites.

 High Quality Digital Content

Based on partnerships with the best players in real estate marketing, Prestige MLS gives its members the opportunity to enrich their marketing campaigns with high quality digital content (flyers, landing pages, market reports, buying guides).

 Prestige MLS: A Powerful Generator of Opportunities

« MLS Premium Quality Delivery Team »: Ensuring Quality Leads

Prestige MLS has developed a highly qualified leads generation solution for its members.

This offer is based on the most advanced capturing technologies that, along with a team of specialists, recognize the demands of Internet users before redirecting them to the agents most able to answer their needs.

« Prestige-MLS Affiliates »: Identifying « Off-Market » Opportunities

Certain prestigious real estate services, that could be beneficial for Prestige MLS members, sometimes elude traditional promotional channels.

By offering these partners (business service providers, real estate agents, realtors, etc.) the opportunity to broadcast their offers to its members, while ensuring that these properties meet the criteria in terms of quality standards, Prestige MLS broadens business opportunities within the network.

 « Prestige MLS Partners »: Identifying the Best and Most Innovative Services

The inherent technicality in all fields of activity related to luxury real estate (legal, financial, architectural, decoration, renovation, etc.) is extremely high.

The Prestige MLS partnership development strategy is in line with the desire to benefit its members with personalized services in all of these areas via an outstanding network of carefully selected professional partners.

Innovation as the Driving Force Behind the MLS Approach

 The whole Prestige MLS organization is driven by the desire to ensure customer satisfaction through innovation, by: researching the performance of services, the relevance of tools, the development of exceptional networks, technological and strategic monitoring, searching for the best experts, etc.

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