Top 5 most attractive city for luxury real estate

You want to invest overseas, but  you don’t know wich country ?

We’ll provide you the top 5 of most attractive city according to Knight Frank :

The raking are builded with the following criterias :

  • Economic growth
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Redirected capital due to tension
  • Price correction

I - MOSCOU (Russia)

12 month % change : 11,1% | 3 month % change : 1,3%

Moscou with more than 12 millions citizens, are the most populated city In Europe.

Moscow’s architecture are recognized worldwide, and the Kremlin’s palaces and churches are listed as Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Moscow ranks 4th among the world’s most billionaire cities and weighs more than 20% of national GDP.

Moscow is part of Russia being located in Europe, following the football World Cup in 2018, Russia sees its popularity rating jump!

According to The Boston Consulting Group, shows a 117% increase in the number of tourists. And this trend could continue to grow in the coming years, the contribution of tourism to GDP as well as the city’s revenues could double by 2025.

II – FRANCFORT (Germany)

12 month % change : 10,3% | 3 month % change : 0%

Frankfurt also called “Mainhattan”, due in particular to the fact that the European Central Bank is based in the city, is currently the richest in Germany. Frankfurt is also a destination for expatriates, with more than a quarter of expatriates in the station district.

III – TAIPEI (China)

12 month % change : 8,9% | 3 month % change : 1,4%

Taipei also called "the quietly wealthy city of Asia », attracts more and more of rich people (+17% since the last 5 years), it’s also the capital with the most millionaire in the world (1,519 residents have more than 30 million euros). On the economy side, the island is also doing well, Taipei registered a 9.4% increase in foreign investors In 2019 thanks to its economic power in the electronics sector.

IV - MANILA (Philippines)

12 month % change : 7,4% | 3 month % change : 3%

The “Pearl of the East” is full of skyscrapers, making it the densest city in the world. Due to the heavy destruction caused by various wars, Manila is a city whose construction is recent.

V – BERLIN (Germany)

12 month % change : 6,5% | 3 month % change : 0%

Berlin real estate prices have been experiencing inflation in recent years, but the latter remains attractive, attracting more and more foreign investors.
And if you love culture, Berlin is a destination of choice! The city has 166 museums, 142 libraries and 60 theaters.

Maxime Gondoux
Admin at Prestige MLS

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